Remake of Classic Disney Game In Development for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One

Developer PlayMagic is working on a remake of Disney IP for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch. What remake exactly, isn't divulged, but we know it's an action game and that it's in development for the aforementioned platforms, which means it's likely a 2020 release. Word of the unannounced project comes way of YouTuber Doctre81 -- who noticed a listing referring to the game -- plus the developer's own website, which makes reference to the project right on its "company" page.

"The company is currently working on the remake of Ubisoft's XIII for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac and on another unannounced remaster of a Disney IP," reads the website.

Now, as you can see, the website refers to the project as a remaster, while the aforementioned listing refers to the project as a remake. In other words, it's unclear which it is. Further, beyond the project's existence nothing salient is divulged by either source.

As you may know, PlayMagic is a developer based out of Malta and that was established back in 2014. In other words, it's a pretty new studio. According to the developer's website, the team is roughly 40 people deep, and has developers with experience across the industry.

"PlayMagic specializes in working on high profile licenses and creating original IP across a wide range of formats for the hardcore market segment," reads the developer's website.

Again, who knows what this project is. All we know is that it's an action game and a Disney IP, which doesn't narrow down much. That said, the leading theory is that this is a remake or remaster of Epic Mickey. Of course this is nothing more than speculation though.

We should be hearing about the game somewhat soon if it's in development for current and not next-gen consoles. In fact, perhaps we'll hear about the project next week at The Game Awards 2019, which are set to go down on December 12.


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