Disney Lorcana's "Gold Mickey" Card Up for Auction, Bidding Starts at $10K

A rare Disney Lorcana card is currently selling for more than $10,000.

A "Golden Mickey" Disney Lorcana card is currently up for auction, with a starting bid of $10,000. Matthew Wright's "Golden Mickey" Disney Lorcana card is currently up for auction at Goldin, a major auction house. The BGS Pristine 10 graded card currently has a high bid of $12,000, which would make it one of the highest-selling Disney Lorcana cards to date. Given that the auction is set to continue for several more weeks, it's likely that the price will continue to go up. The auction is set to run through July 13th.

The "Golden Mickey" card's rarity is partially due to the very limited quantity ever made. Earlier this year, Ravensburger launched its competitive Disney Lorcana Challenge series of events, with thousands of Disney Lorcana fans competing in a multi-day tournament. The prizes for winning these competitions included several variant prize cards, including a "Golden Mickey" card featuring a gold foil alternate art version of the popular Mickey Mouse – Brave Little Tailor card from the original Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter set. Each card is numbered, meaning there will only be 500 of the cards ever made. Only the top 8 Given that other rare Disney Lorcana alternate art cards continue to sell for around $1,000, many wondered just how much one of these "Golden Mickey" cards would run on the open market. At least two other Golden Mickey cards are currently up for sale on eBay, but at inflated prices that have not yet found a buyer. 

Disney Lorcana also recently announced its fifth set - Shimmering Skies - which would formally introduce characters from Wreck-It Ralph to the game. Details about the new set are light, although we know that the set will discontinue its original ordering by alphabetical sequence, opting for a different numbering pattern instead.