New DOOM Game Leaks

DOOM Year Zero has been revealed prior to an official announcement.

A new game in Bethesda and id Software's first-person shooter series, DOOM, seems to have leaked prior to an official announcement. Back in 2016, id Software rebooted DOOM with a new installment that was simply called, well, DOOM. This new take on the long-running franchise proved to be a big hit, which led to 2020's DOOM Eternal. Much like the 2016 installment, DOOM Eternal was incredibly well-received and was later followed a pair of add-ons titled The Ancient Gods. Since that time, it hasn't been known what the future of DOOM might have in store, but now, we may have our answer. 

Spotted amidst a major leak from Microsoft, a new DOOM game titled DOOM Year Zero seems to have been unveiled. Year Zero was mentioned on a release schedule alongside a variety of other games from Bethesda and Xbox that included the likes of Dishonored 3, Ghostwire: Tokyo 2, and remasters of Fallout 3 and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. As for the manner in which this leak came about in the first place, this documentation has gone public in the wake of Microsoft's previous court case with the FTC.


Given that this information has come about via a leak, there are no official details to go off of with DOOM Year Zero just yet. That being said, the name of the game implies that this entry may end up being a prequel in the larger DOOM series. Given that DOOM Eternal actually featured a ton of lore and backstory that connected the older DOOM titles to this modern run of games, it's possible that Year Zero could explore more of this area between entries. This is just my own best guess, though, so don't take this as complete truth just yet. 

Currently, Xbox and Bethesda haven't acknowledged this substantial leak in any manner, and it seems unlikely that they will. With this in mind, don't expect to see DOOM Year Zero announced any time soon. If the game is real, we'll definitely learn about its existence at some point in the coming months or years. Still, it's exciting to know that more DOOM should be lying in wait around the corner, even if it takes a bit for its launch to finally come about.