Dr Disrespect Finally Knows Why Twitch Banned Him and He's Suing

Last year, Twitch severed all ties with Guy 'Dr Disrespect' Beahm, one of the platform's most [...]

Last year, Twitch severed all ties with Guy "Dr Disrespect" Beahm, one of the platform's most successful streamers at the time. Immediately following the ban, the streamer claimed that he did not know why it was issued, but Dr Disrespect now claims that has changed sometime over the last few months. During an August 23rd stream, Dr Disrespect addressed the ban, stating that he now knows why he was banned from the platform, but he hasn't discussed it publicly for legal reasons. Apparently, the streamer is pursuing legal action over his ban from Twitch, though it's unclear on what grounds.

"A lot of people ask 'Do you know the reason?' Yeah, I do know the reason why now. I've known for months now," Dr Disrespect said during the stream.

While this is the first time Dr Disrespect has fully acknowledged knowing the reason behind the ban, it's not the first time he's floated the idea of suing Twitch. The streamer implied that he intended to pursue legal action in interviews and during streams on YouTube. During a stream last September, he also implied that Twitch parted ways with him over his salary, rationalizing that they could bring in other talent at a fraction of the cost. Considering just how large and faithful his following is, however, it seems hard to believe that Twitch would have cut ties with him so firmly and abruptly over a simple salary dispute.

With Dr Disrespect publicly acknowledging that he knows the reason behind the ban, it will be interesting to see if fans might finally get some answers. The entire saga has been bizarre to say the least, and Twitch has been completely silent on the issue throughout. Dr Disrespect has made efforts to grow beyond the realm of streaming, with book deals, a plan to develop video games, and more. Given all this, his ban from Twitch seems to have been a slight hiccup on his journey. For now, fans will just have to wait and see if more information comes out in the near future.

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