Dr. Disrespect Claims to "Know the Number" of Ninja's Mixer Deal, Says "It Was a Bad Move"

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins recently made waves in the gaming scene when he announced that he was going to start streaming exclusively on Mixer. The move from Twitch has cause a few ripples throughout the industry, especially after Twitch seemingly mishandled the situation, leading to pornographic content being recommended on Ninja's channel. That said, many people have been speculating over the number that the Mixer deal revolves around, and well known, vocal streamer Guy "Dr. Disrespect" Beahm claims that he not only knows the number, but also that "it was a bad move" for Ninja.

During a recent stream, Dr. Disrespect claimed that he has insider information about Ninja's deal with Mixer. "Am I the only one that’s gotta say it?" he started. "I’m the only one that’s got the guts. It was a bad move. It was. For Ninja it was a bad move. I’m surprised." He then went on to say that he has several connections and he does "know the number," which led to him saying that it was not the right call for Ninja.

In another clip taken from shortly after the one above, Dr. Disrespect goes on to note why he would never make the move to Mixer himself. "Nobody’s at Mixer," he said. "Twitch is where it’s at right now. Viewerships, sponsorships, campaigns, it’s where its at. Let’s not beat around the bush. There's not much to look into."

Of course, the Doc has never been one to shy away from letting his opinion on various situations be heard, so it's no surprise that he would speak up about Ninja moving to Mixer. As for the validity of his claims that he knows the number, while it is entirely possible that Beahm has his connections in the industry, it may be best not to take the word of someone who recently broke the law during a stream and passed it off as his persona getting the best of him.


What do you think about all of this? Does Dr. Disrespect actually know the number and have a point? In Ninja's case, do you believe it would matter much as he is likely set from all of his sponsorships, book deals, etc.? Let us know in the comment section below!

[H/t Dexerto]