Get Hundreds of 2D Miniatures for Your Dungeons & Dragons Game

Geek Tank Games has launched a new Kickstarter campaign to fund production of hundreds of high-quality two-dimensional miniatures. Most Dungeons & Dragons players like having some sort of tabletop reference when exploring dungeons or facing off against bosses. Although purchasing miniatures for your D&D campaign is always an option, there's a definite money and space cost when it comes to grabbing the dozens (or hundreds) of miniatures you need to bring your campaign to life. However, Geek Tank Games has launched a new Kickstarter campaign to produce seven different sets of laminated 2D miniatures that can be used in any Dungeons & Dragons or other fantasy tabletop game.

We've previously covered Geek Tank Games' 2D tabletop terrain, which were a fantastic (and cost efficient) way to quickly set up just about any scenario. These 2D miniatures are made of the same high-quality, waterproof polyvinyl material as Geek Tank Games' terrain. Geek Tank is also producing special bases to hold the miniatures without adhesive, although users can presumably use whatever means they'd like to keep the minis upright. The artwork by Marshall Short of Printable Heroes is fantastic, and gives the miniatures a distinctive, colorful look. You can check out some of the miniatures below:

Geek Tank Games is producing seven different sets of miniatures with this Kickstarter, including a Heroes Pack, a Legendary Pack that includes large and gargantuan monsters, a pack containing undead monsters, an Underdark pack with drow and other creatures that lurk under the surface, an Urban Town pack with rogues and city guards, an Elemental pack, and a Wilderness pack containing traditional D&D-themed monsters. Each pack costs $15 and comes with dozens of 2D miniatures. Keep in mind that the same amount of 3D miniatures would cost users hundreds of dollars, so this really is a great deal. Backers can also get a discount if they pledge $58 or more.


Geek Tank Games has a history of producing high quality tabletop goods, and this is a great bargain if you like playing Dungeons & Dragons on a grid but are used to using marbles, dice, or other common items to represent your monsters. By backing this Kickstarter, you can bring your D&D game to life without spending hundreds of dollars. You can check out all of the art and the full Kickstarter campaign here. The Kickstarter will remain open through January 10, 2020.