There Was a Heavy Metal Dungeons & Dragons Reference in Little Caesar's Super Bowl Commercial

Last night's Little Caesar's commercial contained a subtle easter egg related to Dungeons & Dragons. Last night, the Detroit-based pizza chain announced that it was now delivering via a 30 second commercial starring The Office's Rainn Wilson. Wilson plays the CEO of the "Sliced Bread Corporation," which finds its fortunes suddenly reversed after Little Caesar's starts delivering pizza. During the commercial, Wilson briefly wears a t-shirt for GYGAX, a heavy metal band named after the co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons, Gary Gygax. The shirt in the commercial even has the motto "Dice Throwers and Rock & Rollers," a reference to one of their songs.


As their name suggests, the members of GYGAX are huge Dungeons & Dragons fans, and the lyrics and titles of their songs often contain D&D references. From "The Lascivious Underdark" to the "Song of the Silverhands," GYGAX's songs are full of love of Dungeons & Dragons and classic fantasy. One of their songs, "The Eyes Have It" is even an ode to the fearsome beholder, one of Dungeons & Dragons' most iconic monsters. It shouldn't be much of a surprise that Wilson, who is an old school D&D fan, would love the classic rock and fantasy stylings of a band like GYGAX. Wilson even gave GYGAX a boost on Twitter last November.

You can check out the full Little Caesar's commercial up above, and check out GYGAX's music on their webpage, which is adorned with the imagery of various kinds of dice. All three of their albums are currently on their page and are also available for sale.

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