Dungeons & Dragons Supplement Adds Unique Monster Hunts

A new Dungeons & Dragons supplement contains five unique monster hunts that can be added to any campaign. Monster hunts are a versatile tool for any Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master, whether it's as a diversion from the main plot, a way for the players to earn some quick gold, and renown, or as a way to introduce some larger mystery to the party. While a DM can slap a bounty on any monster in the Monster Manual, sometimes it's easier to draw your players' attention to some sort of unique threat.

Earlier this week, Vail Syrene and Ayla Finnegan released Tier 1 Monster Hunts, a new DMs Guild supplement containing 5 unique monsters for low level parties to hunt. In addition to introducing unique monsters like Anguish, the Jynxed Dragon and the Named One, the supplement also contains a harvesting guide and several unique items that players can craft using the monster parts they gather from each creature. Each monster is also the subject of a small adventure that gives DMs a basic outline on how to organize a hunt. While none of the hunts are full-fledged adventures, the hunts do contain several key NPCs that can provide the players with information about the monsters, a brief guide on how players can find the monsters, and additional information about how the monster acts while hunted.

Tier 1 Monster Hunts is not only a handy resource for DMs who need to organize a quick session or want to provide some optional quests for players, it's also a good guide for how to organize your own monster hunts. Players can easily use the supplement's Hunt Stages to organize your own Hunt in a quick and easy fashion. Plus, DMs can never have too many monsters or quests in their back pocket, and Tier 1 Monster Hunts provide a few cool creatures that can be used to terrorize your party.

Tier 1 Monster Hunts is available now on the DMs Guild for $4.95.

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