Iconic Dungeons & Dragons Location Is Becoming a Massive Miniature

WizKids has announced that they will be transforming one of the most iconic locations in Dungeons & Dragons into a miniature set. Yesterday, WizKids revealed plans for a miniature terrain set designed after the Yawning Portal Inn, a famous Waterdeep tavern known as one of the few entrances to the notorious Undermountain megadungeon. The miniature set will include the gaping well that serves as the entrance to the Yawning Portal, along with three stories of tavern floors. WizKids is also making a miniature version of the Yawning Portal Inn's distinctive fireplace, which resembles a goblinoid figure with a gaping mouth.

You can check out early renders of the Yawning Portal Inn below:

The Yawning Portal Inn was built over the ruins of Halaster Blackcloak's tower by Durnan the Wanderer, who was one of the first people (along with his companion Mirt the Moneylender) to explore Undermountain and survive the experience. Durnan used the treasure he found in Undermountain to build the inn, which quickly became a hub for adventurers looking to explore the vast mega-dungeon that rested underneath Waterdeep. Durnan still serves as the owner and barkeeper of the Yawning Portal Inn and the location has appeared in many Dungeons & Dragons adventures, including last year's Waterdeep: Dragon Heist and Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage. In fact, both of last year's D&D adventures began within the Yawning Portal Inn, and Wizards of the Coast re-created the inn for 2018's "Stream of Many Eyes" event.

No price was announced for the Yawning Portal Inn set, but WizKids did announce that the set would be released in May 2020. The Yawning Portal Inn follows other unconventional miniature products like the Falling Star Sailing Ship (a complete sailing ship with multiple decks and removable sails and masts) and a massive Walking Statue of Waterdeep.