Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonlance Creators Announce New Campaign Setting

The creators of the classic Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting Dragonlance has announced plans to build a new world for players to explore. Earlier this week, Tracy and Laura Hickman launched the website for Skyraiders of Abarax, a new campaign setting compatible for D&D's Fifth Edition. The setting seems themed around flying ships and a pirate theme and will use a "Living Tome System" to help bring the world to life. A Kickstarter for Skyraiders of Abarax will launch later this fall, and potential backers and fans can sign up to a newsletter to keep abreast of more details. You can check out some early art connected to the setting below:

The Hickmans are best known as the creators of Dragonlance, a D&D campaign setting book popularized through a series of novels also written by the pair. Tracy Hickman co-wrote numerous Dragonlance novels with Margaret Weis over the years and are working on a new trilogy of novels that was briefly sidelined due a now-settled lawsuit. The Dragonlance campaign setting will also receive some new eyes on it thanks to the upcoming release of Fizban's Treasury of Dragons, a Wizards of the Coast-published sourcebook about dragons that uses the Dragonlance character Fizban as a narrator throughout the book. Recently, Wizards CEO Chris Cocks teased that a Dragonlance video game might also be in development.

Hickman also wrote the first Ravenloft adventure which helped kick off that popular horror-themed campaign setting. The original Ravenloft adventure was updated for Fifth Edition as Curse of Strahd, which remains one of D&D's most popular adventures.

Because of the name recognition of Hickman and the enduring popularity of Dragonlance, it seems likely that Skyraiders of Abarax will be a big Kickstarter when it launches. Several high-profile tabletop roleplaying campaigns have launched on Kickstarter this year, including the Tanares Adventures RPG, the Ouroboros: Coils of the Serpent campaign, and the Avatar Legends RPG, all of which topped more than $1 million in pledges. 


Expect to see more information about Skyraiders of Abarax later this year.