Dungeons & Dragons Opens Submissions for Dungeon Master Challenge

Dungeons & Dragons has officially opened submissions for its Dungeon Master Challenge. Earlier [...]

Dungeons & Dragons has officially opened submissions for its Dungeon Master Challenge. Earlier this month, Wizards of the Coast announced plans to host a summer-long contest called the Dungeon Master Challenge to determine Dungeons & Dragons' best DM. The contest kicked off today with a call for submissions focused on building a trap to baffle and befuddle players. Potential entrants have until this Sunday, June 20th, to design a complex trap following the guidelines set forth in Xanathar's Guide to Everything. Those who don't have Xanathar's Guide to Everything on their shelves can download a PDF explaining the guidelines on D&D's webpage.

Submissions need to be in English, less than 1,000 words, and can't be used any other published work. The entries will be judged on how interesting and challenging the design is, as well as how well they incorporate existing lore/canon.

Ten finalists will be chosen from the submissions and will be announced at D&D Live 2021, which will take place on July 16-17. From there, the finalists will be put through the ringer with a series of weekly contests, with one finalist eliminated each week. The final three finalists will then run a D&D session as a DM for a panel of three judges, with the winner announced at D&D Celebration in September.

The winner of the Dungeon Master Challenge will not only win bragging rights, they will also receive a prize pack of DM material valued at over $2,000. The winner will also be featured in Dragon+ Magazine and a custom trophy.

Dungeons & Dragons has a busy summer planned, with D&D Live coming next month. This year's D&D Live will promote the upcoming adventure The Wild Beyond the Witchlight. D&D Live will be hosted by G4 and will air on Peacock in addition to D&D's and G4's Twitch and YouTube channels.

Full rules and conditions can be found on the D&D Celebration website. The entry form for the Dungeon Master Challenge is also on the site. You can find out more information about the contest in the video above.