Dungeons & Dragons Movie Casts Michelle Rodriguez and Justice Smith

The forthcoming movie from Paramount based on the beloved Dungeons & Dragons property has added [...]

The forthcoming movie from Paramount based on the beloved Dungeons & Dragons property has added two more notable actors to its cast today. Michelle Rodriguez, likely most well-known for her appearance in the Fast & Furious saga, and Justice Smith of Detective Pikachu fame are the two latest names to join the film before it begins production.

The information on these castings comes by way of The Hollywood Reporter. The duo is joining Chris Pine as the movie's three lead actors at the moment. Pine was revealed late in 2020 to be attached to the film, although his role in the movie is still unknown. The same also goes for Rodriguez and Smith. While we now know that they're slated to appear in the film alongside Pine, what characters they'll be playing remains to be seen.

At this point in time, there isn't much that we know about the plot details of Dungeons & Dragons. Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley are serving as the directors and writers on the film, both of which previously worked on Game Night and Spider-Man: Far From Home. The movie may take place within the Forgotten Realms, which is one of the more iconic locations in the history of D&D. In addition, the plot could center around a cast of characters that are all looking to track down the Eye of Vecna, which is an artifact that longtime Dungeons & Dragons fans might be familiar with. While this is information that we received back in 2019, plot details could have easily changed since that time.

In all likelihood, Paramount isn't done with big-name castings for Dungeons & Dragons at this point and very well could just be getting started. Past reports that we have heard about have said that Paramount was looking to cast as many A-listers in the movie as possible, with some names being mentioned including Will Smith, Josh Brolin, Johnny Depp, and many, many others. While Pine, Rodriguez, and Smith are the first three names attached to the project, more will likely emerge soon enough.

For now, all we know about the release date of Dungeons & Dragons is that it's slated to arrive in May 2022. Given how much things have moved around with film releases in recent months, though, this could easily change. We'll keep you up to date on all future happenings with Dungeons & Dragons at our coverage hub right here as we learn more.