Dungeons & Dragons Movie Poster Shows Off Iconic Monsters

The new Dungeons & Dragons movie poster showed off a first look at four iconic monsters from the popular game franchise. Last night, media outlets were invited to a preview of the Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Tavern Experience at San Diego Comic-Con. The tavern not only featured plenty of Easter eggs for Dungeons & Dragons fans, it also showed off several first looks of the movie itself, including a first glimpse at a poster designed for the movie by BossLogic. The movie poster featured several iconic monsters lurking within the iconic Dungeons & Dragons ampersand, giving an indication as to what Chris Pine's motley crew of heroes might face in the movie. 

Four D&D monsters can definitively be seen in the movie poster – the displacer beast appears in the bottom right of the poster, a mimic appears in the lower left, while an intellect devourer and owlbear both appear on the upper portion of the poster. We already knew that a displacer beast would appear in Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves thanks to some early CinemaCon footage, but the other three monsters are brand new. 

For those who haven't played Dungeons & Dragons, a displacer beast is a panther-like creature with six legs and tentacles extending from its back. The creature has the unique ability to create an illusion that makes everyone think it's actually several feet away from its true location. The owlbear is a large monstrosity that is a literal blend of an owl and a bear and is known for its ferocity. The mimic is a creature who can shift into any form to lure in prey and often takes on the appearance of a treasure trap to trick adventurers in dungeons. Finally, the intellect devourer is a literal brain on legs with the ability to stun prey with a mind blast and then implant themselves within their foes. While the owlbear or the displacer beast might seem like the most intimidating of the monsters on the poster, the intellect devourer is actually the most dangerous to a party of low level adventurers. 

Although we still don't know much about Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, we shouldn't have to wait much longer. Paramount Pictures will host a panel about the movie today at SDCC, which will feature footage and a Q&A session with the cast.