Dustbiters Card Game Features Rival Car Gangs Trying to Avoid a Dust Storm

Dustbiters is a new tabletop card game from game developers Robbie Fraser (Broforce, GORN, Genital Jousting), Jan Willem Nijman (Disc Room, MINIT, Nuclear Throne), and Terri Vellmann (SLUDGE LIFE, Disc Room, High Hell) in partnership with iam8bit for physical production. The game is described as a bit Mad Max with a dash of Fast and the Furious that sees two players duke it out as rival car gangs to outrun a huge dust storm. The developers have been working on the game over the past five years, but only just now launched a Kickstarter campaign for Dustbiters.

The basic premise of the two-player card game is to use the 21-card deck to create a number of different scenarios using the abilities of cars, bikes, and horses to avoid losing the card at the end of the convoy. At the end of every turn, the aforementioned dust storm wipes that card out, and a new turn begins. The Kickstarter video gives a good idea of what to expect as turns play out, and it also features Double Fine's Tim Schafer -- both are good reasons to give it a look despite Schafer not actually being involved in the development of the card game.

dustbiters deck
(Photo: Dustbiters)

"We've been tuning up Dustbiters over the last five years to avoid a mechanically complicated setup without closing off strategic lanes, and the wide range of options players have throughout any given match is super exciting," said Jan Willem Nijman. "We're eager to see what new devious schemes emerge within the caravan as more people join in."

"Dustbiters has all the hallmarks of a great card game: fantastic art, easy-to-learn gameplay that is endlessly replayable, with surprisingly deep strategy and a killer premise," say iam8bit co-owners Amanda White and Jon M. Gibson. "We're thrilled to be part of this project, and we're certain that fans of the upcoming apocalypse will love it, too."

As noted above, the Dustbiters Kickstarted campaign has just launched. Interested folks can support the Kickstarter for a copy of the title for €22 before shipping, which is roughly $26 depending on what the exchange rate ends up being when the campaign concludes. You can check out all of our previous coverage of tabletop gaming right here.


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