EA Sports FC 24: Best Players for Copa America Defenders Evolution

Here are the best players for the Copa America Defenders Evolution in EA FC 24.

On June 21st, developer Electronic Arts released the second stage of the Make Your Mark into EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team. This promo gives boosted cards to some of the new faces we'll see in the EURO and Copa America tournaments. Plus, those cards can be further upgraded based on real-world performances during the competitions. With the potential for upgrades, many of those players are very expensive on the Transfer Market. Thankfully, EA Sports FC 24 has also dropped a new Evolution into Ultimate Team, letting players upgrade low-rated defenders. Below, you'll find the full breakdown for the Copa America Defenders Evolution and a list of the best players to use it on in EA FC 24.

What is the EAFC 24 Copa America Defenders Evolution?


Fortunately, this Evolution is free to start. Even if you don't have a card you want to use it on, it's worth working through it for free, high-rated fodder. Here are the requirements you'll need to keep in mind:

  • Max Overall: 87
  • Rarity: Copa America Festival of Football Academy
  • Max PlayStyles: 7
  • Max PlayStyles+: 1

Once you finish all of the Objectives, you'll earn +8 Overall, +7 Pace, +4 Shooting, +9 Passing, +8 Dribbling, +9 Defending, +8 Physical, +1 Weak Foot, the Power Header, Anticipate, and Pinged Pass PlayStyles, and the Bruiser and Intercept PlayStyles+.

The Best Players for the Copa America Defenders Evolution

The important thing to note about this Evolution is that only a few cards fit the bill. In each of the last three weeks, EA has given players a selection of free Academy players, so you can only use the players from those packs. However, you probably don't want to use an attacker for this Evolution. Here are our favorite options:

  • Sergino Dest – PSV
  • Juan Cuadrado – Inter Milan
  • Carlos Alcaraz – Juventus
  • Juan Foyth – Villareal

For our money, you want to go with one of the wingbacks. Dest is a bit smoother with the ball at his feet and can flex out to left back when needed. Cuadrado might lack that versatility, but he does have a much better shooting boot, making him even deadlier if you decide to send him into the attack. 

Alcaraz was part of last week's midfielders drop, but he's worth a look considering he can flex to defensive midfield. Of course, his defensive stat isn't great, but if you pair him with a more defensive-minded player, he'll make for a fun option. Finally, Foyth is a standard bruiser at center back. He does have 90 pace, so he'll keep up with faster strikers, but we'd rather go with one of the wingbacks.

EA Sports FC 24 is available now on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms. The Copa America Defenders Evolution expires on July 19th.