Elden Ring Reveals New Character Classes

Following a major new showing of gameplay footage from Elden Ring just yesterday, Bandai Namco and FromSoftware have today given players a better look at the many classes that they'll be able to play as in the game. Specifically, these classes are the ones that will be usable in the upcoming Network Test for the game which is set to begin in one week. And while it remains to be seen how each one will feel to use, every class on its own looks quite visually distinct.

Showed off on the official Elden Ring Twitter account, FromSoftware gave fans a look at five different classes that will be appearing in the game. These five character variants included a Warrior, Enchanted Knight, Prophet, Champion, and Bloody Wolf. Further details on the differences between each weren't offered up, but images of every class were shown off. Based on these character models alone, it seems like there will be quite a bit of variety found with the character that you can make within Elden Ring

For my own money, the Bloody Wolf class seems to be the most unique of this slate. While it tends to look like just a standard knight in some regards, the outfit that this character is donning looks nothing short of awesome. Plus, the class name as a whole is by far the coolest of the bunch. If I play the Elden Ring Network Test for myself, this is likely the one that I'll look to spend time with. Be sure to let me know what your favorite is down in the comments. 

When it comes to the actual Network Test for Elden Ring, it's set to transpire from November 12 through the 14th. Conversely, the game as a whole will be launching on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms next year on February 25, 2022.

How are you feeling about everything from Elden Ring that has been unveiled over the past day? Are you going to pick this one up when it arrives early next year? Let me know either down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12 if you'd like to continue to geek out about Elden Ring.