'Epic Mickey' Creator Responds to Disney's Negative Comments About Making Games

Disney CEO Bob Iger recently stated during an earnings call that the company would be leaving the publishing rights of its Star Wars games to the publishers. According to Iger, they aren't very good at the publishing side of things. That said, Epic Mickey creator Warren Spector has responded to Iger's negative comments with praise for the work they did for Disney.

Spector co-founded Junction Point Studios, which was responsible for Epic Mickey and its sequel. Disney has since shut the studio down, but when Spector caught wind of Iger's comments, he took to Twitter to defend the development team behind the 2010 Nintendo Wii title.

As seen in the tweet above, Spector has chosen not to let Iger's comments get to him too much. "I'll just take the high road and stand proud with the Epic Mickey team and laud them for the great work they - we - did for Disney," Spector said.

Disney originally acquired Junction Point Studios in 2007. The studio had two releases with Epic Mickey and Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two before being closed in 2013. Spector has gone on to work at OtherSide Entertainment, who is responsible for Underworld Ascendant and the upcoming System Shock 3.

As for what's on the horizon for Disney and their licensing efforts, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is set to arrive at some point this fall, with development being handled by Respawn Entertainment.


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