Fall Guys Update Adds New Game Mode

A new game mode has come to Fall Guys where players can see more of the Survival rounds that are guilty of eliminating so many players. The game mode is called “Slime Survivors,” and as its name suggests, it consists solely of Survival rounds such as Slime Climb and others, though there are problems with the mode right now that are causing certain modes to be picked repeatedly. Also included in the update were changes that made the Medieval rounds added in Season 2 appear more often.

The Fall Guys update was released on Friday and was detailed by Mediatonic with the highlight of the changes being the new Survival-focused game mode. Aside from only featuring Survival rounds, the mode also takes away some of the options players will see in the Finals. The only Finals game types players will see in Slime Survivors are the Hex-A-Gone and Jump Showdown modes which means you’ll be winning no Crowns in Fall Mountain or Royal Fumble in Slime Survivors.

It looks like there’s a problem with the new game mode, however. Slime Survivors soon found that the game mode was picking the same round for them over and over without switching to a different Survival type. A fix is in the works for that problem but hasn’t been released yet, so we’ll have to keep an eye on future updates to see when it’s resolved.


Fall Guys is just over a week into Season 2 now and has already been taking in feedback from players regarding changes the community would like to see throughout the rest of the season and other topics. Recent updates have added some features players have been asking for, so it looks like that feeback is indeed working. The game also continued its growing list of crossover skins by adding a new Sonic the Hedgehog cosmetic to the store that was available to those with enough Crowns to complete the set.