'Fallout 76' Main Storyline Unlocks the Secret to Launching Nukes, Server Cap Confirmed

When Bethesda first revealed the ability to nuke other players in the world of Fallout 76, many that were already hesitant about the new online direction were worried that this feature would absolutely destroy the ability to enjoy the game. Luckily, it's not as definitive as we may have thought.

The studio has mentioned in the past that there are definitive ways to avoid obliteration as well as how difficult it is to actually gain access to these codes. Now we know a big factor in unlocking total power, and it lies hidden within the game's main storyline.

Thanks to a recent Reddit post, we've got a closer look at Game Informer's most recent info that Bethesda bestowed upon them regarding their upcoming online IP.

According to the most recent issue, the main questline revolves around The Overseer and it's a long one. Since the map is so large, it would make sense that the narrative would be too but it's not just a sense of achievement and the highest rank that players will unlock, but they can also look forward to popping that nuke launch cherry.

The ending, though specifics haven't been revealed for obvious reasons, has to do with the player launching their first nuke — that's how you get the codes to this powerful weapon, by playing the game. Because of that, not only is there even more incentive to go for that completion but it also makes it easier to avoid these bad boys, especially paired up against slower progressing players.


In addition to nuke info, we also have confirmation of the number previously given to us by Bethesda regarding server size. The cap is 24 players with 4-player squads. There is the possibility of expanding upon that or going solo through special, private servers.

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