Fallout Releases Epic Star Wars The Last Jedi Crossover Art, And It Is Glorious

Fallout Sole Survivor

It is Star Wars week and it's a great time to be a fan of one of the most iconic franchises in "nerd" culture. It looks like we're not the only frenzied fans getting hyped about the recently release Star Wars: The Last Jedi film, and even the subsequent Last Jedi DLC for Battlefront II. The team over at Bethesda is getting down on their own celebration, and the release of this epic Star Wars x Fallout crossover poster was just too good not to share. May we present: Fallout: The Sole Survivor:

As fans of both the open-world series Fallout, and the beyond incredible franchise that is Star Wars - this crossover is definitely impressive and something we didn't realise we even needed until now. The reactions to it were priceless, as well! Here a few of our favourite fan responses:


Not all fan favourites made the cut though - but that Brotherhood presences is strong. The celebration continues to grow as the new film is in theaters now, and the new content pack for gamers enjoying some Star Wars Battlefront II goodness. But as one fan so elequontly put it: Star Wars, Star Wars never changes. Happy Star Wars week!