Fan Turns Megatron into the NES Zapper

The NES Zapper is one of the most iconic peripherals in the history of gaming. Megatron, the [...]

The NES Zapper is one of the most iconic peripherals in the history of gaming. Megatron, the malevolent leader of the Decepticons, is one of the most iconic Transformers of all-time. Combine the two, and you have the kind of custom creation that will leave Transformers fans and Nintendo fans both reaching for their wallets! Created by customizer Simon Smith, this figure even has box art that pays homage to both the Nintendo Entertainment System, and the box that housed the original Megatron toy released in 1984. Given that the two products released in North America less than a year apart from one another, it's a very fitting homage!

Surprisingly enough, this is not the first time Megatron has been given a video game makeover. Takara, the company responsible for producing Transformers figures in Japan, released an official figure of Megatron that transformed into one of Nintendo's greatest rivals: the Sega Mega Drive (better known as Genesis in North America). Megatron's arch rival Optimus Prime also transformed into a video game console: a Sony PlayStation! Nintendo unfortunately did not get to join in on the festivities in that line, however.

Ironically, the NES colors might actually be the only way Megatron could see release again in North America. Since the figure was released all those years ago, stricter guidelines have been put in place, preventing realistic looking guns from being sold to kids. Hasbro (owners of the Transformers brand), has made multiple attempts to reissue the classic Megatron figure in the past, but to no avail. The orange colors on this custom might actually help the Decepticon leader pass inspection!

Unfortunately for fans of the Transformers and Nintendo, this figure seems to be one-of-a-kind. Still, Hasbro and Takara seem to be pretty good at listening to what the fans are interested in seeing. Perhaps if enough Transformers fans make their voices heard, an official version of this figure will eventually see the light of day!

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