Far Cry 6 World Director Discusses Easter Eggs and When to Break the Fourth Wall

Far Cry games have historically included references to games within the series that came before them, so it makes sense then that Far Cry 6 would do the same, especially since it follows up so many games by now. Too many Easter eggs and callbacks, however, could easily pull players out of the fictional country of Yara the game's set in and away from the more serious storyline of an ongoing revolution in the country. It's for that reason that Far Cry 6 world director Ben Hall said the team's been carefully considering "how and when do we break the fourth wall?"

People already spotted a Far Cry 3 Easter egg from trailers released previously, and during our hands-on experience with the game, we spotted two more that'll instantly be recognizable to players who've been playing Far Cry for a while. We brought those up to Hall during an interview whenever ComicBook.com went hands-on with Far Cry 6, and the world director said the goal is to make sure those kinds of references are subtle nods that longtime fans will be able to recognize.

"I'm glad you picked up on it. It's a cheeky, little nod to experiences that some of our fans may have experienced before, and it's something that we were toying with as we went along," Hall said. "How and when do we break the fourth wall? It's something that's subtle, and they're really in there for the fans, so that people that have played through different versions of the game before, they see that we were making a nod to certain things."

We won't spoil the Easter eggs here so that those who play Far Cry 6 later this year can experience them on their own, but one of them was another reference to Far Cry 3 while another was a callback to some of the most memorable villains from the past few games. Far Cry games have always been very much about the villains – possibly more so than the protagonists, at least until Far Cry 6 – so it makes sense that Easter eggs would reference those villains, too.

"When it comes to the villains themselves, we've always kind of look back at what was great about the previous games, and we want to bring all of that with us as we move forward into this new iteration," Hall said.


Far Cry 6 is scheduled to launch on October 7th for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, Google Stadia, and Amazon Luna.