Final Fantasy 7 Remake Art By Gabriel Picolo Showcases a Quiet Moment Between Friends

Gabriel Picolo is known for showcasing quiet moments between friendly characters. The DC Comics artist has developed a massive following thanks to his pieces showcasing the Teen Titans relaxing between encounters with super villains. Picolo recently took a break from the team, however, to focus on a different group of characters: Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockheart, and Barret Wallace from Final Fantasy VII Remake. In the art, the three characters can be seen taking a break at the 7th Heaven bar, located in Midgar. Like so many of Picolo's other pieces, there's a real warmth to the scene. Between the coloring, and the way these characters seem relaxed around one another, it really feels like a nice moment between friends.

One thing that stands out in Picolo's piece is the amount of detail in the scene. From the neon Cactuar sign, to the newspaper relaying news about the destruction of Reactor 7, Picolo's image truly tells a story. The personalities of the characters shine through, as well. While Barret and Tifa exchange friendly smiles, Cloud remains his usual, brooding self. Fans of both the original game and the remake will notice that the image takes place before the trio meets Aerith, but Picolo has told fans that he intends to draw that particular character, as well. As such, Final Fantasy fans might want to keep an eye on the artist's social media accounts in the coming days to see more!

Final Fantasy VII Remake has inspired a plethora of unofficial art since the game's release just a few short weeks ago. Of course, it's a bit unsurprising considering the popularity of the original game, but it's clear that the new version has managed to endear itself to a lot of people, as well. Since the game's April 10th release date, Final Fantasy VII Remake has sold more than 3.5 million copies.


Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII Remake is available now as a timed exclusive on PlayStation 4. Additional platforms likely won't be announced until the timed exclusivity contract expires, but rumors suggest that the game will be released on PC, as well.

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