Final Fantasy 7 Remake Gets One Final Trailer Before Launch

Final Fantasy VII Remake is the next big game releasing this month now that Resident Evil 3’s remake has made its debut, and to help get players ready for that launch, Square Enix released one final trailer for Final Fantasy VII this week to set the mood for the game. The trailer that’s over four minutes long and seen above shows off the game’s main cast of characters interacting with each other to show what the stakes are for their missions. It’s apparently the last trailer people will get before the game releases on April 10th, so those looking forward to the game better soak in what they can before that release.

The trailer pretty much follows Square Enix’s formula for the other previews of Final Fantasy 7 we’ve gotten in the past. It starts out slow by showing some of the more touching and personal moments between characters before it ramps up the action in the second half of the trailer when we see some fast-paced fights between Cloud, his teammates, and enemies both mechanized and human.

This trailer comes exactly one week before the game’s worldwide launch which also follows the typical strategies for final trailers, but it’s probably best this trailer released now as opposed to just a day or two before the launch seeing how the street date for the Final Fantasy VII Remake has already been broken. Square Enix has stressed more than once that, despite its efforts, it can’t control when the game might arrive on players’ doorsteps if they bought the physical version because of the complications caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The Final Fantasy VII remake isn’t the first game to fall victim to those complications with some games being released early while others have been delayed again because of the issues.


For players who just can’t wait until next Friday to get the game and won’t be getting the game early unlike others, Square Enix is trying to help out those who bought the game through the Square Enix Store to make sure they get the game on launch day. In the meantime, the company shared a few different Final Fantasy VII Remake backgrounds for the Zoom meetings many people are probably having now that most people are staying at home.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is scheduled to release on April 10th.