New Final Fantasy Rumor Has PS5 Players Excited

A new Final Fantasy rumor has PlayStation players on PS5 excited. Tomorrow, the Final Fantasy VII [...]

A new Final Fantasy rumor has PlayStation players on PS5 excited. Tomorrow, the Final Fantasy VII Remake Orchestra World Tour is set to go down, and Square Enix has already confirmed there will be announcements shared, as there is every year. Right now, what these announcements will be, is anyone's best guess. That said, ahead of the event, a new rumor has surfaced claiming that not only is Final Fantasy 7 Remake coming to PS5, but it's coming with more than just a simple upgrade. In addition to this, it's apparently also migrating to PC, shedding its PlayStation exclusivity in the process.

The new rumor comes the way of leaker Navtra, who claims that the PS5 port will come with brand new story content, making it more of an expanded and enhanced version of the game rather than just an enhanced version of the popular 2020 title. And this same version is also apparently coming to PC, but not Xbox Series X or Xbox One.

"Here's what I last heard, though: It's releasing for PS5/PC (No Xbox) and it's a bit more substantial than a resolution increase. There's new story content," said the leaker, who has relayed correct information about Final Fantasy before it was announced/revealed in the past.

The leaker continues by claiming all of this was supposed to revealed at an earlier date, but obviously, these plans changed. Adding to this, they note everything above they heard several months ago, which may mean it's outdated at this point. In other words, like every rumor, take this with a major grain of salt.

The leaker makes no note of any of this being revealed tomorrow at the aforementioned concert, but you'd assume this is where all of this, and possibly more, will be shared.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is currently available via the PS4 and playable on PS5 via backward compatibility. For more coverage on it and all things gaming, click here or check out the relevant links below: