Final Fantasy 7 Trailer Shows Off Tons of Characters and Cloud in a Dress

A new trailer for Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII Remake released this week to give Final Fantasy fans one of their best looks yet at many of the game's characters. We see appearances by Red XIII and Scarlet among other cast members that have been featured numerous times leading up to the game's release. We also get a glimpse of Cloud during his visit to the Honey Bee Inn, a venue where we're treated to some scenes where Cloud gets all done up and puts on a dress.

The trailer from Square Enix can be seen below where you'll see more of Midgard and its inhabitants. It opens on some somber tones before eventually picking up the pace to become an all-out montage of fisticuffs, boss battles, and adventures towards the end.

There's a good chance that you'll see some of your favorite characters in the trailer as well since it focuses strongly on people like Clout, Tifa, and Barret. Around halfway through the trailer, we get a detailed look at Red XIII, one of the companions that accompanies players on their journeys.

And then there's the scene where Cloud pays a visit to the Honey Bee Inn. Surrounded by dancers, he ends up putting on makeup and a dress as part of quest. It's a moment that was featured in the original Final Fantasy VII, though this is the first time that we've gotten to see how it'll look in the remake.

You may notice that, despite all the characters and new scenes that are found in the trailer, the title of the video focuses on the theme song. That song is called "Hollow," and it's got quite the team behind it. The creators of the song also shared some comments on its production to give some insights into how the theme song came to be and what the goals behind it were.


Final Fantasy VII was originally scheduled to be released on March 3rd, but the game was delayed by Square Enix this month. It's now scheduled to be released on April 10th for the PlayStation 4.