Here's What's Coming in Final Fantaxy XIV's New Game Plus Update

It’s been over a month since Final Fantasy XIV got its last update at the end of August, but a new patch is finally coming later this month. It’s a big one, too, with a New Game+ feature and more included in it. Square Enix is giving players the chance to replay main quests from different expansions including ones from the most recent Shadowbringers content all while keeping players’ levels and equipment. That feature will be joined by other content like a new dungeon and more.

The New Game+ feature is the highlight of the update, but since Final Fantasy XIV updates come sporadically, each part of the patch is something to look forward to. There’s a new story mission being added in the update as well, so if you need to replay past missions first leading up to this one if it’s been a while since you beat the story content, you’ll be able to do so with the New Game+ feature to give yourself a recap.

A preview of what’s coming in the next update was shared on the game’s site ahead of the release of the official patch notes. You can see all the highlights of the update below starting with the new story mission and ending with the new Fellowships feature.

New Story – Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty

“Hades is no more, and darkness at last returns to the mantle of night,” a preview of the new story said. “But victory does not come without consequence. How will the Scions mend, the wounds of the broken world? What nefarious forces would dare rend them anew?”

New Dungeon – The Grand Cosmos

“Long ago, on the far shore of the Source, a great palace was built by the elves─the Grand Cosmos, an edifice of such magnitude it was said to inspire envy in both the heavens for which it was named and the flowers that pervade its boundless gardens,” a preview of the new dungeon said. “As with so many wonders of the world that once was, its radiance quickly faded in the wake of the Flood, its halls falling silent, the throne sitting empty. That is, until the palace was given new purpose when a mage claimed it as their sanctuary, their only company being solace, solitude, and the legion of familiars barring entrance to any foolish enough to seek an audience.”

New System – New Game+

“Take a trip down memory lane to revisit previously completed quests, cutscenes, dialogue, and battles not found in the Unending Journey, all while keeping your current character and level,” a preview of the feature said. “Patch 5.1 includes the main scenario quests for Heavensward, Stormblood, and Shadowbringers, allowing you to relive all your favorite moments.”

New System – Fellowships


“Fellowships offer a new way for adventurers with common interests to band together,” a preview of the new system said. “Join up to 10 fellowships on your data center, or make your own and invite up to 1,000 players. Use them to announce community events, recruit for raids and dungeons, relay information to track down elite marks, and more!”

Final Fantasy XIV’s next update will arrive late in October.