Fist Of The North Star Is Getting A New Game From The Makers Of The Yakuza Series

Japan produces a lot of games based on anime, and, frankly, most of them aren’t that great, but what if I told you the makers of the Yakuza series were making a Fist of the North Star game? That sounds like a match made in testosterone-soaked heaven, doesn’t it? Well, Sega just announced exactly that!

The game is called Hokuto ga Gotoku (which roughly translates to “Like a North Star” in English) and will be pretty much exactly what you’d expect a Fist of the North Star game from the Yakuza team to be. The game will feature plenty of over-the-top bloody brawling, exploding heads, and wacky extras, like the ability to play bartender. In other words, the game looks kind of amazing – check out a trailer, above.

For those not up on their classic anime, Fist of the North Star takes place in a post-apocalyptic world filled with ridiculously musclebound men and superpowered martial artists. The star of the series is Kenshiro, a stoic badass who can literally make opponents explode by hitting their secret pressure points. Here’s the rundown of Hokuto ga Gotoku’s story (thanks to Gematsu for the translation):

An era has arrived where all civilizations were blown away. A world where the strong compete for the little food and resources left behind, and where violence dominates. In the corner, this world was “The City of Miracles,” Eden. Eden has an inexhaustible supply of water and electricity from the giant dome-shaped “Sphere City,” a relic of the old world overlooking the city, and that blessing provided for it to become an entertainment district. The people of Eden live a rich a life unimaginable in this era.

One day, a lone man at the end his wandering finally arrives in Eden. Kenshiro’s only hope was a rumor that his beloved fiancée Yuria, who was thought to be dead, is living in Eden. However, his slight hope was in vain, as the city tightly sealed by castle gates and refused entry of people from the outside. What will Kenshiro, do to enter Eden? And what is the fate that awaits Kenshiro beyond his pursuit of Yuria?


Hokuto ga Gotoku hits the PS4 in 2018 in Japan. No word yet on whether the game will be localized for Western audiences, but let’s hope.

[via Gematsu]