Five Nights at Freddy's: Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator Reportedly Coming to Switch

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator is coming to Nintendo Switch and FNAF fans have even more reason to be excited for this fall. Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach is coming for the PS5 soon, but Nintendo fans won’t exactly be getting left in the dust as their Sony friends frolic in the new game’s setting. Nintendo Everything reported the scoop first, and Pizzeria Simulator will join some other FNAF games on the portable/console hybrid. So, the hype for the series has never been higher. Scott Cawthon is just feeding the fans at this point and they couldn’t be happier about it. It’s hard to believe that a very small game like Five Nights at Freddy’s has ballooned into this phenomenon where there are countless spinoff games and entire YouTube channels devoted to dissecting and theorizing the lore surrounding the series.

I broke down the newest entry in the series during the PS5 showcase. Just like all the other games, there is so much to unpack in that short clip. “The video begins with a character named Gregory being told to come out and some unnamed friends are waiting for him in a strange 80s colored nightmare for the players this time.”

“PlayStation fans have to look forward to this new scary experience as the player tries to hide from Vanny and fans of the franchise are absolutely ecstatic about a brand new game in the FNAF franchise. Steel Wool Studios and ScottGames are actually working together on this entry in the series and that also raised a lot of eyebrows on social media as Scott Cawthon usually goes about these games with a very small team. But, this is the PS5’s big day in front of everyone and you know there had to be something a little unexpected to make some waves.”

PlayStation describes Security Breach:


“Hey, kids! Do you want pizza?! Well, Fazbear Entertainment has spared no expense developing the world’s most extreme family fun center – Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizza Plex! At three stories tall, it’s the flashiest, raddest, rockingist, safest* pizzeria the universe has ever seen. Of course, Freddy and the band are excited to meet you! Utilizing the latest in animatronic technology, you can actually party with the stars themselves. So, on your next birthday, let Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizza Plex make you a SUPERSTAR! “

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