'For Honor' Starter Edition Free on Steam for Limited Time

The Starter Edition of For Honor is free right now for PC players, but only for a limited [...]

The Starter Edition of For Honor is free right now for PC players, but only for a limited time.

This version of Ubisoft's faction fighter typically costs $15, but it's totally free right now and can be kept permanently once downloaded. All you have to do to add it to your collection now is navigate to its Steam page and install it before the limited-time offer ends, though the listing gives no indication of when that end date might be.

Just as the name off this version of For Honor suggests, the Starter Edition works a bit differently than the full-priced options and the upgraded editions that come with more content. Announced back in March, the Starter Edition immediately unlocks three different Heroes: The Raider, Kensei, and Warden from the Viking, Samurai, and Knight faction, respectively. Each of these characters will be fully playable and customizable with emotes, executions, and the rest of the options purchasable with Steel, For Honor's in-game currency.

Unlocking the rest of the Heroes works a bit differently compared to the rest of the game's editions. Depending on what faction players choose, they'll unlock three heroes from that group. Each of those are playable, Ubisoft said in the original announcement, but you'll have to pay Steel to make them customizable.

"The other 3 playable (not customizable until unlocked) heroes depend on which Faction the player chooses to fight for when first launching the Starter Edition," Ubisoft explained. "Once a player has selected the faction of their choice, the Heroes from launch of that faction become playable. Players must choose wisely as this decision can only be made once! These Heroes can then be fully unlocked for the price of 8,000 Steel to make them customizable."

Six more Heroes beyond the first three default fighters and three faction Heroes are in the game as well, though they're not playable from the beginning. Just as the faction Heroes cost Steel to customize, these six remaining Heroes cost 8,000 Steel to fully unlock. All Heroes added to the game as post-launch content can be purchased for 15,000 Steel, the standard price for buying the characters regardless of what edition players purchase.

The Starter Edition is only available for PC players with the Steam deal said to last a limited time before it's removed. Ubisoft's FAQ regarding the Starter Edition addresses more questions regarding how the entry-level version works as well as its compatibility with season passes and upgrades.