New Fortnite Season 3 Leak Hints at Big Changes Coming to Popular Drop Location

Fortnite Season 3 is -- finally -- around the corner, and it looks like it's bringing with it some major changes to some of the game's most popular drop locations. More specifically, it looks like some considerable changes are coming to The Agency, one of the maps newer locations, and one of the hottest places to drop for good loot and a lot of early game action.

Word of the possible map changes comes way of reliable and popular Fortnite dataminer, Fire Monkey, who, like the game's numerous dataminers, has been digging through the game's latest updates in search of anything new or peculiar that could hint at what the new season of Chapter 2 will bring.

According to Fire Monkey, a couple of updates ago a "shadow" version of the location was added to the game files, and apparently this has been added to in the latest update for the game.

For now, it's unclear what's happening to the location, but it's quite obvious something is happening. And of course, this probably won't be the only map change. That said, for now, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt. While datamining discoveries are reliable, the inferences and theories that derive from them aren't nearly as reliable.

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