Fortnite Releases New Chapter 2 Season 3 Teaser

Epic Games released yet another series of Fortnite teasers on Tuesday to preview what’s coming [...]

Epic Games released yet another series of Fortnite teasers on Tuesday to preview what's coming in Chapter 2 Season 3 on Wednesday. Following the same tease and reveal pattern the past images have adopted, we first got an image showing a zoomed in view of something before the next image from one of Epic Games' player partners showed a widened shot of the same teaser to kick off the speculation about what's being teased. Skins and items appear to have been the subject of the previous teasers while this one appears to show off a new or updated location from Season 3.

The first of the teasers seen below was tweeted by the official Fortnite account on Tuesday and again appeared to show something through the lens of a camera. We could see some pipes and some railings in the background, but the most interesting part of it is the downed ship. unless it's been broken apart and is laying on ground we can't see, this image reinforces the aquatic theme of Season 3 since it looks like the bow of the ship is the only part sticking out above water.

Shortly after that teaser, Epic Games released another through one of its partners. The second teaser showed an expanded look at the first which allowed us to see just a bit more of that ship and what surrounds it.

What surrounds it is a larger structure that players aren't really sure about just yet. Some have speculated it could be a pirate outpost of some sort while others have thought this might be a location near Weeping Woods or Holly Hedges. Towards the top of the tower to the left, there's also something that players have singled out with suspicions that it might be a cannon of some sort.

All of this and the events that've followed make up the typical Epic Games formula for previewing a new season. We get a big event to help transition us from one season to the next, the teasers start flowing to show off bits of the next season piece by piece, and players cast their bets on what's going to happen. Some of those bets are more sure one like picking out which teasers signal incoming battle pass skins and in-game items while ones like this one aren't as easy to decipher since it points to a location players will need to explore.

Players won't have to wait much longer to see what's planned though because Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 starts on June 17th.