Fortnite Chapter 2: Here's an Ultra High Res Look at the New Map

With the new Fortnite season now underway – and even bigger, an entirely new chapter as well – you can expect to start seeing lots of maps pop up online within the next few weeks. These maps will show you where you can find boats, where the best points of interest are for players to convene, and where you’ll be able to upgrade your weapons. If you can imagine someone would need to know about something in Fortnite, you can bet it’ll end up on a map at some point.

To help with the creation of those maps, a helpful template has already been shared that shows what the new battleground looks like now that it’s replaced the current map. A high res image of the map is already making the rounds within the community as players use it to mark interesting locations on the map. The blank map shows in detail every part of the new Fortnite arena and is ready to be filled in accordingly.

A player by the name of u/createdbyeric shared the image below on Reddit to give fellow players that template they need.

Chapter 2, Season 1 High Res Map (Blank + 8K Download) from r/FortNiteBR

Sure enough, players are already beginning to fill out the map with some of the basic information the community might need to know. For example, another player has already placed some names of various points of interest on the map to show what the new locations look like and which ones have persisted from the first chapter to the second one. Salty Springs, Retail Row, and Pleasant Park have all made a return this season, so even though pretty much everything else is new, there are still at least some familiar parts of the new map.

Fortnite chpt. 2 season 1 (season 11) map in 8K! from r/FortNiteBR

Some new mechanics added in Season 1 of Chapter 2 include fishing and piloting boats, both of those features are also prime candidates for things that would go on these sorts of maps. Being able to upgrade weapons is another huge part of Chapter 2 and can only be done at upgrade stations found around the new map, so expect to see those plotted out soon enough as well.