Nintendo's Samus Aran Possibly Teased in New Fortnite Comic

Issue #3 of Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point features the long-awaited battle between Batman and Snake [...]

Issue #3 of Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point features the long-awaited battle between Batman and Snake Eyes, but the issue also features an intriguing cameo that may or may not be Nintendo's Samus Aran! In one panel of the book, several different Fortnite characters can be seen watching the battle between Batman and Snake Eyes. While some of these characters can be seen clearly, there are also a trio of silhouettes. Two of these silhouettes seem to be Ryu and Chun-Li from Capcom's Street Fighter franchise. The other has design elements reminiscent of Samus, the star of the Metroid franchise!

An image from the comic was shared on Twitter by @obvsnotlogan, and can be found embedded below.

On one hand, these silhouettes are incredibly small, and it's possible that this is just a generic design by artist Reilly Brown. However, when coupled with Samus' appearance in the recently leaked document from the Epic Games v Apple trial, it seems incredibly likely that this is Nintendo's bounty hunter. The silhouettes near the character have a striking resemblance to Ryu and Chun-Li, so it's hard to imagine these cameos weren't intentional!

Both PlayStation and Xbox have gotten skins in Fortnite over the last few months in the form of Kratos and Master Chief, respectively. Since those skins were announced, many fans have wondered whether or not a Nintendo rep might be added to Fortnite, as well. Some fans are torn on the idea of Samus appearing in the game, but it would be a smart way to promote Metroid Prime 4 when it releases on Nintendo Switch!

For now, Metroid fans will just have to keep waiting patiently to see if Samus will get an official reveal for the game, but today's clue makes it seem all the more likely!

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