Fortnite Offers Refunds for Marvel Item After Updating It

Fortnite recently got a couple more Marvel items in August whenever the Gamora skin from Guardians of the Galaxy and more were added to the game. One of those items that came with the Gamora collection was the Godslayer, a unique pickaxe related to the character in Marvel stories but one that can be equipped with any character skin players choose. The Godslayer pickaxe didn't function as players initially expected, however, so Epic Games updated the item and is now offering refunds for those who don't like the newer version.

The opportunity to refund the Godslayer pickaxe was announced on Twitter this week through the Fortnite Status account. The animation for the weapon has been updated since its release, and as is the case with any kind of update like that, people now have the chance to refund it since it's not technically the same item that they initially purchased.

If you want to refund it, you've got 30 days to do so starting at the moment that you logged into Fortnite following the announcement shared on September 1st. it won't cost you a refund ticket to do so, but the catch here is that you had to own the pickaxe before August 31st, so you won't be able to refund it for free if you're just now buying it for the first time.

For those who never saw what the issue with the Godslayer weapon was, it didn't feature an animation that players expected it to. Given that it's a lengthy sword that looks like it's got some heft to it, players expected it to use the animation shared by other sword-type pickaxes in the game. Instead, it was wielded with one hand and was swung more like a hammer instead. The Godslayer fantasy wasn't really fulfilled with that animation, so Epic Games updated it accordingly after people pointed out the disconnect between the item's appearance and its animations.


The weapon now features a more traditional sword animation, so if that's what you were looking for, you've now got an even better pickaxe than before. For those who preferred the old look, be sure to take advantage of that free refund while you can.