Fortnite Leaks Shows Ariana Grande Skin In-Game

After plenty of speculation about what the next big Fortnite event might entail, Epic Games confirmed that its plans did include a big Ariana Grande concert set to take place on August 6th. The concert is actually part of a larger "Rift Tour" event that'll give players and Ariana Grande fans multiple chances to tune into the show. Prior to those showtimes actually happening, however, we've already gotten a look at the Ariana Grande skin that'll be available in-game via some leaks that spoiled the surprise early.

If you don't want to be spoiled by any leaks, now's your chance to head out so that the surprise remains intact ahead of August 6th or whatever date the skin is actually added on. For those who don't mind, you can check out the skin for the star below after it was shared by both Dr Cacahuette and HYPEX on Twitter.

The skin depicts Ariana Grande in a concert-ready outfit with exceptionally long silver and pink hair. Most skins of this caliber that are added to the game nowadays have special cosmetics to release alongside them like Back Bling, unique axes, and more, so we'll most likely see things like that released when the event is fully underway, too. Epic Games already confirmed at least one of these items by offering a preview of the Piggy Smallz Back Bling and the Cuddly Cloudcruiser Umbrella seen below.

Epic Games has not yet confirmed how players will be obtain the skin or if there will be different styles locked behind different purchases or challenges. With the event just a few days away now, we can expect to hear more of those details soon to confirm exactly how player will get their hands on this outfit and what Epic Games and Ariana Grande have in store for the rest of the Rift Tour festivities.


Fortnite's Rift Tour event begins on August 6th with multiple show dates taking place after the opening concert.