Fortnite May Be Getting a Lady Gaga Concert Soon

Fortnite may be getting a Lady Gaga concert in the near future. Fortnite continues to be a massive platform for everyone in the entertainment industry. The game has been used to help advertise films, TV shows, and even other games, including ones that are exclusive to certain platforms. Nevertheless, it makes Fortnite a big virtual toy box for players to play in. Almost all of the big modern icons of franchises are in the game and even celebrities like Ariana Grande and Travis Scott have become playable in the game following virtual concerts. It seems like Epic Games may be preparing for its next big concert as some leakers have discovered content in the game related to Lady Gaga.

Although it's not confirmed, various signs point to Lady Gaga having a big role in Fortnite. As discovered by Fortnite Leaks & Info on Twitter, there are files for a new emote called "Jug Band". If four players use this emote at the same time, it will create a melody that is distinctly covering Lady Gaga's hit song Poker Face. It's not even really up for debate, it's almost certainly that song. On top of that, Epic Games announced via press release that musicians like Lady Gaga in its Rainbow Royale event. As of right now, it's just expected that her music will play on the game's radio, but the unique emote has some thinking there will be more to it than that. As noted by Kotaku, there was evidence of an upcoming concert back in July, but Epic Games has yet to announce a new one. For what it's worth, there was also intense speculation of an Eminem concert a few weeks ago and it hasn't amounted to anything yet.

As of right now, there's no way of telling if Lady Gaga will get her own Fortnite concert. She famously tweeted "What's fortnight," back in 2019, racking up over 900k likes on the tweet. No further context was ever provided to why she posted this, but it would be a rather hilarious full circle moment.