Fortnite Skins Leak Reveals New Ariana Grande Skin

Fortnite's annual Halloween event is currently in full swing, and fans have been treated to a number of new skins, as a result. Reliable leaker @HYPEX has once again shared some of the big new skins that will appear during Fortnitemares, including a new design based on Ariana Grande. A few hours after the leak from @HYPEX, the official Fortnite Twitter account shared a new trailer featuring the pop singer, so this leak has now been officially confirmed! While the skin is not available just yet, the character has already made her return to the game, as fans can complete her Monster Hunter questline to unlock the All-Weather Extractor pickaxe.

An image of the new Ariana Grande skin can be seen in the Tweet embedded below.

Fortnitemares has had a lot of fun things for fans to enjoy thus far, and it seems like this week should continue that trend! In addition to confirming the new Ariana Grande skin, Epic Games has also confirmed the leaked skins from Dune, which were also shared yesterday by @HYPEX. It seemed like a safe bet that those skins would release sometime this week, given the fact that Dune is set to arrive in theaters and on HBO Max this Friday. The skins will apparently go live in the game tonight.

So far, this year's Fortnitemares event has had a lot for players to be excited about! From Universal Monsters, to skins based on The Walking Dead and Ghostbusters, Epic Games has played up the theme in a very fun way for players. Cosplayers appearing as new skins from the game have even been appearing at Universal Studios Hollywood, alongside a real-life version of the Battle Bus. It remains to be seen how fans will feel about this year's event when all is said and done, but it feels like a big step up!

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