Fortnite Leaks, Portal Hint at New Ant-Man Skin

Fortnite’s next crossover skin coming to the game is apparently Ant-Man if recent leaks and a new portal are to be believed. Ant-Man has been on of the most common suggestions for the upcoming crossover skin based on information datamined previously, and with a new portal now opened up in the game, it looks like those assumptions were accurate. Based on how Epic Games typically handles these sorts of reveals, we’ll likely see an audio log soon before the skin is officially added to the game.

Theories about Ant-Man being added to the game first started appearing online whenever the codename of the newest portal was discovered. Prior to the portal opening up in-game, the codename for it was determined to be “SmallFry.” That could’ve been any number of different characters, but many were confident that it’d be Ant-Man.

Fast-forward to this weekend and we now have a new portal in-game that’s appeared on the map. This portal shows a scene depicting a close-up of the ground in a wooded area with music playing in the background and what appears to be the sound of small creatures heard as well. This portal was decrypted prior to it going live in-game, but it’s now available for everyone to see.

Seeing how the teasers already pointed to Ant-Man and the portal shows a forest floor, players are all but certain that we’ll see Ant-Man added to the game soon. Marvel skins have continued to come to the game after the last season through portals introduced in Season 5, so it’s not unprecedented to see Marvel skins being added this way.


The likelihood of this skin being added also makes sense of another Fortnite detail players noticed not long ago. According to dataminers, the Marvel section of the game’s Item Shop was recently updated in an apparent move to prepare the marketplace for another skin. That, too, reassured people that the Ant-Man skin would be coming, and it looks like that theory was right.

With this next skin coming soon after we get another audio teaser, we’ll continue to see the current season and its many crossovers wind down. Before it ends – or anytime after this season really – there are still plenty of crossover skins we’d like to see added to the game.