Is Fortnite Getting a Crossover With Kirby and Nintendo?

Is Fortnite getting a crossover with Kirby and Nintendo? The free-to-play Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One, and mobile battle royale game's next crossover may have just been teased in the latest Party Royale trailer for the title, or at least this is what some Fortnite fans and Kirby enthusiasts believe happened. The titular and beloved Nintendo character popped up in the aforementioned trailer, and fans are wondering if this is a tease for a bigger partnership between the two game makers.

In the new trailer, Kirby makes a very quick appearance, seemingly out of the blue. It's a split-second cameo, one that was interestingly blurred out in the PlayStation and Xbox versions of the trailer. In it, Kirby is right below the platform where a slew of characters are dancing. Why the little pink ball of cute is there though, is a mystery.

But wait, things get stranger. This isn't the first time these two IP have intersected. Last year, an official Kirby's Epic Yarn wallpaper popped up on My Nintendo with a Fortnite logo watermark in the corner. An explanation was never provided.

So, what the heck is going on? Well, like many Fortnite and hardcore Kirby fans think, all of this, or at least this new cameo, points to a larger crossover between the two. However, at the moment, there's been no official word of a collaboration.

Meanwhile, it's possible that Kirby isn't actually in the trailer, or at least not by the hands of Epic Games. Rather, some think the hungry character is in the DJ footage. And this may be the case. After all, it looks like Kirby is on the big screen in the trailer. That said, if this is the case, it hasn't been confirmed, which means, for now, Fortnite and Nintendo fans are left with nothing but speculation.