Fortnite Reveals PlayStation Trophies And Xbox Achievements Before Release

The Early Access opening of the upcoming survival builder Fortnite is still a ways away before the official release date this month, but for those players who are all about hunting down those achievements, the game now has a full list of what can be accomplished when the game is released on July 25.

There seems to be quite a deal to do in Fortnite with all of the fortifying and monster-slaying that the game offers, but some players were worried that these actions wouldn't have achievements or trophies tied to them that players could strive to achieve. After all, with a co-op game like Fortnite, part of the fun is working together with friends to complete challenges that would be near impossible to do solo. Fortnite's creator Epic Games reassured fans, saying that there will most definitely be challenges to complete.

"The answer is a resounding yes!" an answer to whether or not the game would have trophies and achievements read. "We'll not only have them, but we're ready to share them with you. We're super excited to see everyone in game working towards their rewards."

Below is the full list of trophies and achievements that players can shoot for as well as what category they each fall in:



  • Gunsmith – Craft your first weapon
  • Take Out Those Husks – Protect the survivors
  • Some Sort of Rocket – Complete your first mission
  • Shelter from the Storm – Complete "Homebase Storm Shield Defense 1"
  • Constructor Leadership – Unlock access to the Constructor Hero
  • Before and After Science – Complete "Before and After Science"
  • Ride the Lightning – Complete "Ride the Lightning"
  • Hired Gun – Unlock and Slot your first Storm Shield Defender
  • Man on a Mission – Unlock and Slot your first Mission Defender
  • Walk the Plank! – Complete "Plankerton Storm Shield Defense 1"
  • Two Swirls – Complete "Two Swirls"
  • Ray.README – Complete "Ray.README"
  • Outlandish! – Unlock access to the Outlander Hero
  • Dragon Slash! – Unlock access to the Ninja Hero
  • Retrieve the Data – Complete "Retrieve the Data"
  • Rescue the Survivors – Complete "Rescue the Survivors"
  • Can You Feel that Shield Power? – Complete "Homebase Storm Shield Defense 6"
  • Launch the Rocket – Complete all the Main Quests in Stonewood
  • Epic Troll Stash – Complete "Epic Troll Stash"
  • Wow, I'm Inside! – Complete "Six Minutes"
  • Gotta Get Rifty – Complete "Rifty Business"
  • Shelter Skelter – Complete "Shelter Skelter"
  • Liberation! – Complete "The Battle of Plank Harbor"
  • Crank Up the Gain – Complete "Plankerton Storm Shield Defense 6"
  • Future Days – Complete "Canny Valley Storm Shield Defense 1"
  • Quad Squad – Complete "Quad Squad"
  • Become a Superhero – Complete "Hero Training – Stage 2"
  • All Together Now – Complete "All Together Now" (Daily Quest)
  • Survivor Specialist – Complete "Survivor Training – Stage 2"
  • Proven Defender – Complete "Defender Training – Stage 2"
  • Darwin Rewards – Complete "Weapon/Trap Evolution"
  • … Oops. – Complete "I'm Probably Dead"


  • Many Planks – Complete all the Main Quests in Plankerton
  • Amped for Expansion – Complete "Canny Valley Storm Shield Defense 6"
  • Evil Things with Crazy Teeth – Complete "Toxic Treasures – Stage 10"
  • Go Gnome! – Destroy 100 Garden Gnomes in successful missions
  • Loot Legend – Loot 300 Treasure Chests in successful missions
  • Uncanny! – Complete all the Main Quests in Canny Valley
  • Into the Night – Complete "Twine Peaks Storm Shield Defense 1"
  • Talented Builder – Build 500000 Structures in successful missions
  • Unspeakable Horrors – Kill 20000 Mist Monsters in successful missions
  • World Explorer – Fully explore 1500 zones in successful missions


  • All Tied Up – Complete "Twine Peaks Storm Shield Defense 6"
  • Guardian Angel – Save 10000 Survivors in successful missions
  • Plays Well with Others – Complete 1000 Play With Others missions


  • Hero of the Storm – Earn all other Fortnite trophies to collect this trophy

[via COGconnected]