Fortnite Officially Releases Shang-Chi Skin

Within the past 24-hours, a new leak emerged indicating that Fortnite would soon be adding a new skin based on Shang-Chi, who is a popular character associated with Marvel, would soon be coming to Epic's popular battle royale title. Well, it didn't take long for Epic itself to confirm that this release was officially transpiring as Shang-Chi has now made his way into the game.

As of this moment, Shang-Chi has now appeared in the Item Shop within Fortnite and is available for purchase. The release of Shang-Chi coincides with the arrival of the character's new film, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, which just hit theaters today. Even though this skin lines up with the launch of the movie, the version of Shang-Chi that is seen in-game is more meant to resemble the iteration of the character that has been seen in Marvel comics. The decision to model the character after the comic book version of Shang-Chi is something that has proven to be a bit divisive amongst fans, but for the most part, many seem to be happy with the look of the character.

While the Shang-Chi skin on its own is likely the most standout addition to Fortnite, per usual, some extra accessories associated with the Master of Kung Fu have also rolled out. Specifically, this includes a new piece of Back Bling known as the Great Protector's Shield. Conversely, a pickaxe known as the Blades of Brother Hand has also rolled out alongside a Dragon's Scale wrap. All of these items will be added to your inventory if you opt to purchase the larger Shang-Chi bundle which is currently up for sale.


What are your feelings on this Shang-Chi skin coming to Fortnite? Are you going to look to pick him up for yourself, or will you instead be holding out to see which other skins release in the near future? Share your thoughts with me either down in the comments or shoot me a message over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.