Fortnite Devs Respond to Skill-based Matchmaking Concerns

Fortnite’s devs have responded to the concerns from some players stemming from a recent [...]


Fortnite's devs have responded to the concerns from some players stemming from a recent announcement that changes to the game's matchmaking system were being explored to create more balanced matches.

Following up on the feedback from players regarding the potential change, the Fortnite account on Twitter recently tweeted that the concerns about the matchmaking discussion were noted and that there would be "careful consideration" involved in any decision that was made.

Amid other announcements like a 60 FPS Battle Royale mode on consoles and ping improvements with the addition of new servers, the post with various Fortnite announcements included a small section that mentioned the potential matchmaking changes.

"We are working on changes to matchmaking that are aimed at creating matches with a more balanced distribution of skill," the Fortnite update read.

This announcement didn't offer many specifics on what the plans were for changing the matchmaking system, but that didn't stop players from expressing concerns over any changes. The matchmaking changes suggest that Epic Games may be considering adopting a skill-based matchmaking system that would pair players with others who were around their skill level. This is nowhere near a new idea in competitive games and makes sense for most matchmaking systems, but it does mean that games might get a bit tougher since opponents will be around the same skill level as players.

While finding equally skilled opponents is still possible in any game, the changes would guarantee that it always happens and may lessen the casual feeling that some players enjoy. There are ways around this though, such as the addition of different playlists that separate competitive players from the more casual group, but no additional information has been released regarding exactly what the plans are for the future of Fortnite matches.

The full post that previewed the ping changes, 60 FPS mode, matchmaking adjustments, and various other updates and idea can be seen here.