G4 Announces New Esports Hosts and Returning Favorites

G4 previously revealed that two beloved shows would be making a return when the network relaunches this summer in Attack of the Show and X-Play, but we only knew of one host so far. That would be Austin Creed, aka Xavier Woods, but this morning G4 has announced four more hosts joining the network, and fans should be quite happy with the latest reveals. Original Attack of the Show host Kevin Pereira and X-Play host Adam Sessler are both returning to the network, but G4 has also added its first Esports talent in Ovilee & Froskurinn of The BLEEP Esports Show fame.

While they will be hosting their respective shows, talent will be making appearances on all of G4's shows, so you never know who may show up, and you can hear directly from the new hosts below.

(Photo: G4)

Adam Sessler - X-Play
G4 teased Sessler back in September... not like, teased-teased him, although there’s been plenty of that, what can you expect when you look like a guy who incites a mutiny on a whaling vessel? Anyway, in September he made a video where he got our G4 fans (you) excited about the return of G4 (us). He revived his role as Crazy Adam to launch #G4NeedsTalent and was nominated for best office actor as Ebeneezer Sess during the holidays. (He didn’t win, but in his defense, it was a tough category.) He also gave my Hawaiian-themed Zoom background a four out of five which really put a smile on my dial. You can expect him to bring his vintage (and a fine one at that) perspective to review the best games that our producers can get their hands on WITHOUT stealing them from GameStop this time, please.

“A lot has changed in the video game industry since my last show at G4 which provides me with all the more topics with which to share my unique – okay, sometimes curmudgeonly – honest takes again with viewers,” Sessler said. “It really is the perfect time for G4 and X-Play to return and I’m ready to bring back Sessler’s Soapbox, reviews, and opinions on all the news.”

Kevin Pereira - Attack of the Show!
Kevin Perererer, Kevin Perara, Kevin Pe... Kevin! Yes, Kevin is returning to G4 and so we’re all going to have to learn how to pronounce his name right this time, including the G4 Interim CEO Jerry XL. The original cast member of Attack of the Show! is back and has really nice hair. Like, really nice hair, you can smell it when you step into a meeting room with him and it’s super distracting.

“If you told me nine years ago that I’d be returning to G4 in 2021, I’d ask if it would be on an episode of COPS,” said Pereira. “I’m thrilled to be returning home and can’t wait to bring a fresh approach to the epic stunts, poorly conceived comedy sketches, and pop culture commentary that made Attack of the Show! such a phenomenon during its first run.”

Ovilee & Froskurinn - The BLEEP Esports Show & G4 Esports
Also joining G4 are Ovilee May and Froskurinn for G4’s new esports programming which, I’ve been told, is when people play video games against each other for money. They are both passionate creators in the esports scene and made their official debut with The BLEEP Esports Show, which is a little bit inappropriate for my taste with all its cursing and stuff but I hear that other people quite enjoyed it, and hey, if they’re happy, I’m happy.

“G4 was such an influential part of the video game industry when it was originally on air so the opportunity for me to be a part of its return is a dream come true,” said Ovilee. “Hosting the G4 Reunion afterparty was so surreal, and I can’t wait to continue creating with some of the world’s most passionate faces in gaming and esports.”

“Attack of the Show! was appointment viewing for me as a kid and inspired me to pursue a career in gaming,” said Froskurinn. “I’m so excited to join G4 in its return and can’t wait to introduce the revived brand to a new generation of gamers and pop culture fanatics who haven’t yet experienced G4.”

Until the full network launch this summer fans can watch and take part in B4G4, which will evolve and change thanks to community feedback that can be submitted through G4's Reddit and Discord communities. Fans can share what they want to see more of and what they want to see less of, and then watch the final product when it airs weekly on YouTube and Twitch.


G4’s Head of Content Kevin Sabbe shared, “Our fans and the gaming community at large are a core pillar of what G4 is all about. It’s time to let them in and be more than just our audience - we want to hear what they want! We’re already having a lot of fun with this and can’t wait to experiment further with a variety of content formats and genres.”

What do you think of the G4 hosts so far? Let us know in the comments or as always you can talk all things G4 and gaming with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!