G4 Announces Ninja Warrior Return in Exclusive Deal

G4's been busy during their April celebration, and the latest reveal has to do with an old G4 favorite. That would be SASUKE, more commonly known as Ninja Warrior in the United States, as G4 announced a new deal with Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. (TBS) for the exclusive linear broadcasting rights to the show in the states. The deal will include all 167 episodes of the series, but it also brings over three tournaments never before seen in the states, including SASUKE 35, 36, and 37. Ninja Warrior called the original G4 home, and now it's back in the fold.

“Ninja Warrior has one of the most loyal fanbases on the planet, as apparent by the thousands of
messages we’ve received asking for it to come home to G4,” said Brian Terwilliger, VP of Programming
and Creative Strategy for G4. "The sheer determination and willpower of those fans campaigning for its return rival those of the competitors on the show itself."

TBS Media Business Division President Junko Abe said “Although Ninja Warrior has been broadcast in the US and many other countries, I am excited that this agreement will provide the opportunity for a new generation to enjoy the thrill of Ninja Warrior for the first time and a new way to experience the show for those who are already familiar with the series.”

The original series was such a success for G4 that they created the American Ninja Warrior spinoff, which has become a staple for NBCUniversal, and now the original is back on G4. VP of Brand for G4 couldn't be happier about that, despite being eliminated from American Ninja Warrior.

"As someone who was...eliminated from American Ninja Warrior and replaced by the infinitely more
talented Matt Iseman, I take some much-needed emotional closure from this Circle of Life moment," Herter said.

This has been a month full of announcements for G4, as they recently revealed a new partnership with WWE, including a new tournament-style show with G4 host and WWE superstar Austin Creed (aka Xavier Woods). They also revealed during UpUpDownDown Mania 2 that Alex "Goldenboy" Mendez would be joining the G4 fold as a new host, and previously revealed that favorites like Attack of the Show and X-Play would be returning to the new network.


Hopefully, we get more details on the official rollout of the new network soon, but things are shaping up pretty nicely so far.

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