God of War Art Director Creates Perfect Galactus and Silver Surfer Designs

Of all of the characters that have yet to debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans are especially excited to see Galactus and the Silver Surfer eventually join the franchise. While their appearance in a future project in the MCU has yet to be confirmed, that certainly hasn't stopped fans from theorizing about their potential debut, as well as what their outlandish comic designs could look like in live-action. A new piece from God of War art director Raf Grassetti imagines that in pretty epic detail, showcasing the duo in an intimidating cosmic flair.

Over the past few years, rumors have swirled wildly around the potential debut of Galactus and Silver Surfer, with the latter even being believed to potentially star in his own solo movie. While nothing has come to fruition yet, a number of creatives — both in front of and behind the camera — have endorsed the idea of that character's return to the big screen.

"If they were going to bring the Silver Surfer back to film, [if] it was offered to me, I would jump at the chance. I loved playing him," Doug Jones, who played Silver Surfer in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, told ComicBook.com last year. "He was so heroic and angelic and Christ-like even. He's the kind of superhero that I want to be in my real life. And beautiful. He had the best ass I've ever had on film. So if I could play him again, I would jump at the chance, sure."

"Silver Surfer was tricky. There was something about it, cause we did look into it. I think it's connected to the Fantastic Four reboot and because of that kind of lives under its own umbrella," Ant-Man writer Adam McKay explained earlier this year. "But there was something that got in the way of it cause we did look into it a couple of years ago, but I could be wrong. I could be misremembering, but there was some reason it didn't happen or someone else was already working on it. But no, I was definitely into it because that would be a very easy one."

"If you look at Galactus and the origin story of the Silver Surfer, how he sacrificed himself for his home planet. Norrin Radd, was that his name? I haven't thought that name in a long time. That would be a very easy one to make it an environmental allegory. I think that could be an incredible movie, and I think it could be visually the most stunning Marvel movie that's ever been made. I haven't lost interest in that. In fact, now that you mention it maybe I'll lob a phone call and see what's going on."


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