New Gears 5 Escape Hive Is Full of the Worst Kind of Enemy

Gears 5 players who have been sharpening their hive-busting skills since the game launched have a [...]

Gears 5 players who have been sharpening their hive-busting skills since the game launched have a new challenge coming their way that sounds like it'll be quite the experience. Coming to the game is a new Escape Challenge Hive called "The Hunters," and it's full of Sires, an enemy with the potential to throw a wrench in even the best of plans for approaching these hives. Other available hives will change with the release of The Hunters.

The Coalition announced the release of the new Escape challenge in its latest "What's Up" post where it educated players on what's coming to the game this week and onwards. The big sell for this week's Gears 5 content drop is Batista coming to the game – unlocking him is easy – but the new hive will be welcome news for anyone who's already mastered the innerworkings of the other maps.

Players will have to enter this Escape hive to get a feel for it just like the others, but know that the Sires are waiting for you.

"If Sires scare you, you'll need a strong stomach for this one," the post said. "This week's new Escape Challenge Hive is The Hunters, featuring Sires that will spawn unpredictably and hunt you down from every angle."

For those who have only stuck to the Versus mode and haven't dabbled in the campaign or other multiplayer experiences long enough to encounter the Sires, they're massive pains to go up against if you're not careful. After a brief battlecry that alerts you to their attack, they pounce towards a player. If they successfully make contact, they apprehend the player and start carrying them off away from the others. You can mash a button to give yourself some time, but if you don't have a teammate near you to blast them away, they'll just rip your head right off and that'll be that. If you've ever played Left 4 Dead 2, it's a lot like playing against a full-grown version of a Jockey.

You'll encounter those creatures in other maps and game modes as well, but you'll find plenty of them in The Hunters. This new hive is also part of Gears 5's planned releases that bring new types of maps and cosmetics each week among other content.

Gears 5 is now available for the Xbox One and PC platforms, and you can read our full review on the game here.