Genshin Impact Players Get Free Reward for Scheduled Maintenance

If you tried to play Genshin Impact at some point Wednesday evening, chances are good you were met with a notification that the servers were down for maintenance or that they’d be taken down soon. They were down for a couple of hours across all platforms with no specific changes mentioned in the announcement beyond “version update maintenance” that sounded pretty routine. Fortunately for those who weren’t able to play during that time, developer miHoYo said it’d be giving out 240 Primogems as compensation for the time lost.

The compensation reward for Genshin Impact players was announced in the maintenance update post from miHoYo. The same post announced the times that the servers would be down with the developer saying that it would offer 60 Primogems each hour the servers were offline. They were down for about four hours, so that means everyone gets 240 Primogems. Should they have gone up early, players still would’ve gotten the full amount.

Those Primogems aren’t going to be available to every single player, but if you’ve been playing Genshin Impact enough to care about when maintenance is happening and when the servers would go down, you probably have some Primogems waiting for you. The only requirement is that you have an Adventure Rank 5 or above by the time the maintenance on the servers started.

If you meet that requirement, be sure to check your mail next time you login to Genshin Impact. The developer said you have to receive you mail before October 25th and redeem it within 30 days though, so don’t wait on it too long or else you’ll miss out.


The ratio for hours offline to Primogems given out sets a nice precedent for future instances of maintenance that will take the servers offline, but it’s worth noting that miHoYo didn’t say that’d happen every time in the future. It’s already shown that it’s willing to give Primogems to players freely enough for different issues in the past though, so there’s reason to believe players will get more in the future when servers go offline. Genshin Impact already got free Primogems not long ago because of a pair of bugs.

Genshin Impact is now available for free on the PlayStation 4, PC, and mobile platforms.