Gotham Knights Rumor Hints at Release Date

Gotham Knights is officially scheduled to release sometime this year, 2021, via the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. Right now, this is the most specific release date WB Games Montreal has disclosed, however, a new rumor has possibly provided some added specificity. According to the rumor, the new Batman game, and the first since Batman: Arkham Knight, could be releasing sometime this fall.

Over on Twitter, YouTuber "slcmof" reveals he's heard that, at least at some point, the game was targeting a release of November 2020. Obviously, this didn't happen, but as the YouTuber notes, if the game was targeting a fall 2020 release, then a delay to 2022, for obvious reasons, seems unlikely. Could this mean the game will release sooner rather than later? Who knows, but it's speculation worth considering if it's true the game was once targeting a 2020 release. Jumping in, James Sigfield of GWW suggests fans should expect the game to release sometime this fall, "and hope for earlier."

We haven't heard anything of consequence about Gotham Knights since it was revealed, and we haven't seen anything either. If the game was releasing somewhat soon -- as a rumor back from December suggested -- you'd expect this silence to end not in months, but weeks. That said, right now, there's no suggestion this silence is coming to an end anytime soon.

At the moment of publishing, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and co. have not commented on this rumor and the speculation surrounding it in any capacity. If this changes, we will be sure to update the story with whatever is provided. Typically, WB Games maintains a very strict "no comment" policy when it comes to rumors.


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