GTA Online: Raging NPC Suffers the Best Instant Karma in New Viral Video

A new GTA Online video has gone viral over on the game's Reddit page for showing the best instant karma for a raging NPC. When playing the online mode of GTA 5, Grand Theft Auto players need to chiefly watch out for other players, especially hackers and those that with more Shark Cards than they know what to do with. That said, sometimes players also need to worry about NPCs, especially when driving.

Taking to Reddit, one player shared a new video that seemingly picks up in the middle of an incident of road rage involving them and an NPC driving a pickup truck perfect for ramming people off the road. In the video, the player, driving on an ATV, speeds up to catch up to the truck and then kicks it before speeding ahead. The player then looks back to see the NPC accelerating to catch the player, and to presumably ram into them. That said, things don't go as planned for the NPC.

Rather than run over the player, the NPC spins out of control and crashes straight into a gas station, blowing up in the process. If this sounds like the perfect sequence of events, it's because it is. And it's events like this that make GTA Online and GTA 5 stand out in 2021. When it comes to being a sandbox of chaos, not many games can hang with the pair.

Of course, anyone who has spent any appreciable amount of time with GTA Online and GTA 5 will know the NPCs are great at getting under the skin of players, which is why this is so therapeutic to watch.


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